The 24th International Congress of Refrigeration

August 16-22, 2015

The 24th International Congress of Refrigeration. Yokohama, Japan


We take part in the Congress with such research materials:

“Production of Stable Neon Isotopes by Method of Low Temperature Rectification”. V.L. Bondarenko, I.M. Simonenko M.V.Poddubna, A.M. Arkharov.

“Innovative Selective Climate Control System For Household Refrigerating Devices”. V.L. Bondarenko, Y.V. Baidak, M.G. Khmelniuk, V.A. Smyk.

“Parameter Optimization of Successive Stages of the Technology for Obtaining 3-He Isotope”. V.L. Bondarenko, A.P. Grafov, M.Y. Kupriyanov.

“Optimization of Adsorbers Used in Purification Technologies of Rare Gases”.  I.M. Simonenko, A.V. Bondarenko, M.V. Poddubna, I.A. Arkharov