15th International Conference Cryogenics-2019

Cryoin Engineering R&D department represented reports at the 15th International Conference Cryogenics-2019, April 7-11, 2019, Prague, Czech Republic:
«Solid Neon and its Obtain in the Laboratory Conditions» V.L. Bondarenko, Iu.M. Simonenko, B.A. Pylypenko. «Extraction of Xenon from Inert Gas Mixtures» V.L. Bondarenko, A.A. Chygrin, Ye.V. Medushevskyi

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December, 2018

Carrying a good tradition on the New Year’s Eve we take care about holiday mood by making New Year’s decorations at the office and production locations of the Company, and arrange a photo session for members of Cryoin team.

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