September 2016

September, 19. 2016 – Cryoin Engineering enters East Ukrainian Association of Industrial Gases Manufacturers «SIGMA» as an associated member. 

Ukrainian Association of Industrial Gases Manufacturers «SIGMA» established on 28 of December, 2000 with an effort to form and realize uniform scientific and technical policy in the sphere of improvement of air separation plants and of other gas mixtures, systems of production and liquefaction of low temperature industrial gases, arrangement of its effective and safe operation.

Association includes at about 40 enterprises of Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.


Being an associated member, Cryoin Engineering takes part in a common work with Association on coordination of activities of manufacturers of industrial, medicine and special gases to improve the effectiveness of production systems, their effective and safe operation, to search and realize optimal solutions for reconstruction, modernization and service of industrial gases production systems.

September, 28 – 30. 2016  Cryoin Engineering successfully passed a planned check by Central Administration of Labor Inspectorate of Ukraine in Odessa Region on compliance with requirements of legislative laws and regulations on occupational health and safety.